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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Club Staff University


Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to develop DJ's, hosts, and managers with talented skills, a sense of professionalism in the industry, as well as superior knowledge with the technical aspects of these positions. Furthermore, we will continue with ongoing support to help each student flourish and network in their field.

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About Us:

It all started in August of 2011, when CSU's founder/owner Forever Vyper, landed a job as a sales associate at Premiere DJ Academy. She quickly up'ed in ranks, as she showed her enthusiasm and great abilities to be a leader. She was promoted to host instructor, then a dj instructor, and lastly, General Manager. She worked there for 8 long months, before the owners of Premiere, sold the school. Struggling with the debate to stay on board, she decided to branch off, and start a school of her own! Club Staff University was established in April of 2012. In July of 2012, the opportunity to purchase Premiere DJ Academy arose, and Ms. Vyper quickly decided to buy it, gaining her full rights to all things Premiere DJ Academy, including all of it's materials. With that sale, also brought the full rights to another school named Second Life Professional DJ Academy. Three wonderful schools, rolled up into one!

The faculty at CSU is dedicated to teaching technical skills, as well as what is needed to make it as a successful dj, host, or club manager in Second Life. We pride ourselves in being professional, and extending that professional attitude onto our students. We strive to give the best customer service we can, and to provide ongoing technical support to all of our alumni, as well as non-students.

Club Staff University has made its mark in Second Life, and we hope to continue to shine, providing future students The Premiere Approach to Club Education.

CSU Classes:

Basic DJ Classes-Sam Broadcaster & Virtual DJ

*Sam Broadcaster is for PC users ONLY.*

*Virtual DJ is for PC and Mac users.*

*Required software is the students responsibility. It is not provided by CSU or any of CSU faculty.*

What's included in class?

--> One-on-one instruction with an experienced SAM or VDJ  instructor/DJ, or class in a small group setting.

--> Basic setup, including loading and cueing music

--> Introduction to the interface, basic controls, and how to quickly find what you are looking for.

--> Importing music into SAM or VDJ.

--> Setting up your encoder, mic,  and stream.

--> Mic check/tweak!

--> Tips and tricks from experienced DJ's

--> Access to the student group for 24/7 tech support for any questions you have.

--> Access to job placement assistance with over 50+ affiliated clubs including new clubs, & some of the Top SL clubs.     

Group Class~  $1250L

Private Class~  $1500L 

Club Management:

[★] How to set up several different pieces of equipment including Shoutcast boards, scheduling boards and more.
[★] How to Manage Staff effectively and efficiently.
[★] How to Market your club and increase traffic.
[★] Access to the student group for job placement assistance.
[★] How to operate contest boards.
[★] Tips and advice from an experienced professor.

Group Class~$2000L 
Private Class~$2500L

Host Class:

What does this class offer?
[★] Learn to create functional notices.
[★] How to invite to a group.
[★] General timelines on running an event.
[★] Rules of thumb for great a host.
[★] How to market yourself to employers.
[★] How to operate contest boards.
[★] Gestures!
[★] Equipment hosts may use.
[★] Tips and advice from an experienced professor.

Group Class~$1000L
Private Class~$1250L 


How long are the classes?
Classes last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours! That's right, you'll be off and running with one basic class!

How many are in the class?
Private classes are private, and you will have a professor all to yourself! Group classes will have potentially no more than 3 students per class.

When are classes taught?
Private classes, they are scheduled when it's best for you and your Professor. Group classes are scheduled this way as well, with a scheduled weekly Saturday morning 8amSLT class. Please stop into the schools location for the current schedule, or check out our Google Calendar schedule.

How are the classes taught?
ALL classes are taught through voice instruction. You only need the ability to hear. We may also use textures when necessary, or possibly Skype.  DJ classes are taught using video/SL media, in addition to SL voice. In some instances, we may need to use Skype with you in order to do some trouble-shooting.

Do you give discounts?
On certain occasions, it is possible we may be able to work out set prices for a contract with clubs. Friends who want to do a class together, will receive a group discount.

Where do I obtain the DJ software?
CSU will not supply software. It is the students responsibility to obtain it.
Here are the links to the official websites.

Sam Broadcaster Pro:
(Support CSU by purchasing your software through our online affiliate store. Just click on the banner to be redirected to the Spacial site!): 

Virtual DJ:


Other Services:

~Audio Bytes DJ Intros & Drops

~Technical Support

~Group Notice Service for hiring staff for your club.

~DJ & Club Evaluation Services
~Hiring DJs for your private events through Club Staff Agency.


~Xtreme Tip Jars
~Xtreme Photography
~I-Shout Streams
~Club Staff Agency, providing Event DJ's for private parties/events.

Hope this blog post has been informative! All of the faculty here at CSU would like to extend a warm welcome to visit our campus! We look forward to meeting, and teaching you!

Forever Vyper
CSU Owner